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At Creditcom we are in the business of collecting money. We offer increased in recoveries and professional service with over 25 years personal experience in the accounts receivable industry.

10 Reasons why Creditcom is a LOW RISK / HIGH RETURN Collection Service

  1. Creditcom seeks to professionally collect monies that have fallen outside of trading terms.
  2. Our collection staff is well qualified and duly licensed. Our Executive Manager, Brian Packer, has over 25 years personal experience in the Accounts Receivable Industry.
  3. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, maintaining a strict code of ethics and businesslike collection procedures.
  4. Each collector handles a claim from the very first collection call to the final coordination of a lawsuit, providing a single point of contact and a consistency of approach and communication.


The moment you place a claim with Creditcom, we start working. Whether your travel insurance claim is placed via telephone, fax, mail or email, it is acknowledged on the day of receipt and action is commenced immediately. Tactful, non aggressive contacts are made over a specific time with the purpose of expediting payment and resolving collection issues.