Who is Creditcom

Creditcom is a professional Debt Collection agency based in Brisbane, Queensland providing comprehensive and affordable collection services Australia wide. Our core strategy is one of personal service. We approach every file with the realisation that our reputation is on the line. Whether you refer one account a day or one in a lifetime, we will apply the same level of professionalism in resolving it to your satisfaction.

What do we do

Creditcom is a one stop shop for all your Credit Control Needs. From Credit Management to Debt Recovery and Litigation, our experts will quickly turn your uncollected invoices into cash. All overdue accounts are treated with the same degree of urgency – whether overdue by 1 day or 90 days. Chasing payments is time consuming, requires valuable resources and can involve lengthy negotiations.

Creditcom is the viable alternative: it is a proven fact that debtors respond more positively to a third party. Our proven methods of persistence and professionalism always ensure the best result.

Mission Statement

Creditcom Means Business

The moment you place a claim with Creditcom, we start working. Whether your claim is placed via telephone, fax, mail or email, it is acknowledged on the day of receipt and action is commenced immediately. Tactful, non aggressive contacts are made over a specific time with the purpose of expediting payment and resolving collection issues. Our collection practices are professional and ethical, ensuring goodwill between you and your customer is maintained.

Creditcom Means Service

A one to one approach is central to our business ethic. Creditcom is able to provide flexible and dedicated support at precisely the level you require. You can rest assured that every possible effort is being made to ensure a speedy settlement of your account.

First class communications are an integral part of our service and ensure that you are kept informed and remain in control at all times. When all other avenues have been exhausted, Creditcom is keen to get involved. We know the right ways to collect even the most challenging debts.