Debt Recovery

A Collection Strategy

A tailored collection strategy to meet your company’s needs.
Unlike some collection companies, Creditcom does not adhere to a rigid recovery formula. We realise that every debtors circumstances are different, just as every clients needs are different. When stronger action is required, Creditcom has the staff and procedures in place to maximise results.

A hands on approach, backed by state of the art technology, provides the most effective, results oriented service possible. We investigate, communicate and take all reasonable collection steps to achieve a positive result.

When to Use Our Services

All overdue accounts should be treated with the same degree of urgency whether overdue by 1 day or 90 days. Chasing payments is time consuming, requires valuable resources and can involve lengthy negotiations. Creditcom is the viable alternative: it is a proven fact that debtors respond more positively to a third party. Our proven methods of persistence and professionalism always ensure the best result. We fully collect on most accounts within 21 days or less.

Why Use Us

Professional Debt Recovery begins at the point where the company has exhausted all internal collection efforts but are still seeking resolution without recourse to legal action.

10 REASONS why Creditcom is a LOW RISK / HIGH RETURN Collection Service:

  1. Creditcom seeks to professionally collect monies that have fallen outside of trading terms. We aim to motivate debtors so that full payment is achieved within 21 days or less without the need for costly litigation.
  2. Our collection staff is well qualified and duly licensed. Our Executive Manager, Brian Packer, has over 25 years personal experience in the Accounts Receivable Industry.
  3. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, maintaining a strict code of ethics and businesslike collection procedures.
  4. Each collector handles a claim from the very first collection call to the final coordination of a lawsuit, providing a single point of contact and a consistency of approach and communication.
  5. Our competitive commission rates make it affordable to pursue smaller debts that may not warrant the expense of legal action.
  6. “The Power of the Third Party”. Contact from a professional third party can often motivate debtors to resolve payment issues immediately.
  7. Our aim is to preserve the relationship between creditor and debtor wherever possible. We operate with the confidence that our clients are getting the best possible results whilst keeping our clients reputation uppermost in our minds.
  8. We operate on a strict no collection – no fee basis, ensuring you are not exposed to any additional costs other than the agreed commission. We can effectively handle accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency: from a few days to many months.
  9. All information remains strictly private and confidential. We furnish continual updates and feedback on the status of all accounts.
  10. If the full amount cannot be extracted immediately, we will advise you of the proposed work out arrangement for your acceptance. We can negotiate a schedule of payments that is within the debtors financial capacity.

In these challenging economic times, global markets are more competitive and companies need to do more with fewer resources. GST installments put pressure on business to maintain consistent cashflow. The inclusion of Creditcom as a business partner is a proactive approach to the management of debtors

What are Our Fees

We operate on a strict no collection – no fee basis, with no hidden charges.
We can effectively handle accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency.
We seek to motivate debtors so that full payment is achieved within 21 days
or less without the need for costly litigation.

Commission / Fee Schedule/

Nett Commission: 15% per individual account (+GST)

Minimum Commission: $75.00 per individual account (+GST)

* Minimum Debt Lodgement: $500.00 per individual account


$500.00 > $75.00 + GST $7.50 = $82.50
$2,000.00 > $300.00 + GST $30.00 = $330.00
$5,000.00 > $750.00 + GST $75.00 = $825.00

Better systems mean better results. Our one to one priority service guarantees immediate attention that is both personal and strictly confidential.

Collection Procedure

Provision of creditor and debtor details. Details may be submitted on-line, via fax, email or post.

New clients to sign a Creditcom Client Agreement. This is to ensure our authority to commence debt recovery procedures upon your behalf and confirm in writing the agreed commission.

Creditcom initiates full collection procedures. Our slogan: “we work hard to collect your money” We make every effort to establish direct telephone contact with the debtor and strive to resolve the debt amicably. A telephone contact from a third party can often exert enough pressure on the debtor to pay immediately.

That same day a Creditcom Authority Letter is dispatched to the debtor – informing them that the collection case is now within our care and that payment is required immediately. We advise that non payment may adversely effect their credit rating and could result in litigation.

Most accounts are fully resolved within 21 days. Our collection department ensures you are continually updated on the status of your accounts. You are immediately notified upon receipt of any monies. When it is proven that the debtor has genuine financial hardship, a repayment schedule will be proposed for your approval.
We look forward to working with you on your account/s.

Behind the Scenes

In the rare event that your debtor fails to pay within 21 days, upon authorisation the account is immediately dispatched to our affiliated solicitor and legal action is commenced on your behalf. We shall immediately report to you all information regarding associated litigation costs.


Credit Control

Credit Management: A One to One Approach

Creditcom provides a range of services to ensure the prompt collection of your money. We offer an integrated range of receivables and credit management services under a single umbrella. Value for money is central to our business ethic. From traditional debt recovery and receivables management, to the complete out sourcing of a company’s credit control department, Creditcom is well placed to provide specialist advice and service on all aspects of credit control and policy.

We aim to provide creative yet practical approaches to increasing cash flow and reducing receivables. We provide comprehensive services that improve each phase of the business revenue cycle. We find solutions to build cash flow, enhance customer service and increase profitability. Our management team maintains a daily focus on results.

Cash Flow Management

Creditcom has the experience to assist to the receivables stage of the credit function. By bringing in Creditcom to assist at the 30 days+ stage of the collection cycle, you also bring to your credit department the expertise that we offer, that will in turn increase the recovery cycle and cash flow from your debtors ledger.

Credit Management Consulting: Best Practice

We seek to understand the areas where improvement will be required to achieve best practice. We seek solutions to improve cash flow, enhance customer service and improve profitability for business managers around the world. Better systems mean lower risk and yield higher productivity. Creditcom is uniquely qualified to help you improve your internal collection efforts. We provide customised solutions for clients in all industries including health care, financial services, retail and commercial, education, telecommunications, utilities and government. Corporate restructuring, downsizing and staff training in today’s business environment have resulted in a need for out sourcing many different responsibilities that may previously have been handled internally.

Major Claims Service: For Claims AUS $25,000 and Above

Accounts are handled exclusively by senior management. A hands on personal approach, backed by state of the art computer technology, provides the most effective, results oriented service possible. If the full amount cannot be extracted immediately, we will advise you of the proposed work out arrangement for your acceptance.

Brian Packer, Executive Managing Director of Creditcom, has over 25 years experience in the collection industry. His extensive experience in complex high dollar situations ensures you the maximum return for each dollar placed.